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 Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended portable

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مُساهمةموضوع: Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended portable   السبت نوفمبر 21, 2009 2:05 am

Create powerful images with the professional standard!
Photoshop - the essential software for perfecting your images, Adobe
Photoshop CS4 now offers productivity and workflow enhancements,
powerful new editing tools, and breakthrough compositing capabilities.

Photoshop CS4 software accelerates your path from imagination to
imagery. Ideal for photographers, graphic designers, and web designers,
the professional standard delivers new features such as automatic layer
alignment and blending that enable advanced compositing. Live filters
boost the comprehensive, nondestructive editing toolset for increased
flexibility. And a streamlined interface and new timesaving tools make
your work flow faster.

-Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended software
delivers all the features in Photoshop CS4, plus new features for
working with 3D imagery, motion-based content, and advanced image
analysis. If you work in film, video, multimedia, 3D, manufacturing,
architecture, engineering, medicine, or science, Photoshop Extended is
for you.

-Adobe Photoshop CS4 software takes advantage of the
latest graphics processing unit (GPU) hardware to deliver superior
performance. The software offers a smooth pan and zoom experience that
allows users to easily edit images at the highest magnification while
maintaining clarity. The new Canvas Rotation tool makes it simple to
rotate and work on an image from any angle. Photoshop CS4 helps keep
work areas clutter-free with a new unified application frame, tab-based
interface and self-adjusting panels that make it easy to quickly access
advanced tools, and provide a more fluid way to interact with the

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Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended portable
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